Welcome to Graphic Design Adventures. This is where I share all my graphic design content and resources as of October 2017.

I just started learning this new skill for fun so I am no expert in this field. I would like to network with other professional designers and learn from their work.

Feel free to follow or comment me to learn more about graphic design and get into the field as a hobby.

My blog is mainly for researching basic graphic design skills such as typography and eventually using it for marketing.
I will post content related to design ads and banners that are useful for social media content.

New tutorials and guides will be added on a weekly basis. Be sure to check back and follow me for more updates!

What you will get from following my blog

  1. Free tutorials
  2. Free Ad design guides
  3. Free ideas on how to create your first ad templates
  4. Free vector template files for your design (coming soon)
  5. Free video tutorials (coming soon)
  6. T shirt design ideas (coming soon)

This page is still under construction and my skills are limited. But check back weekly for news and updates!

So when you are ready, click the pug below to enter my blog and read my new posts!

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